i.Mune Test für zu Hause

How our i.Mune HOME tests work

Order i.Mune HOME Sample collection kit

i.Mune HOME

Click here to order your i.Mune HOME sample collection kit to your home.
Our sample kit contains everything you need to collect a dried blood sample from your finger.

Take sample

i.Mune HOME Fingerblut

Detailed information on how to collect a dried blood spot sample from the finger is provided in your sample kit.

Sample drying

i.Mune HOME Trockenblutkarte

Allow your blood sample to dry on the enclosed filter paper.

Send sample

i.Mune Probenversand per Post

Return dried blood sample to us by mail.

Result received

i.Mune Testbericht

You can download the i.Mune HOME test result from a protected online portal.