How Strong is Your Immune System?

Test your immune system now to get early indications of severe COVID-19 disease!

i.Mune HOME bei positivem Coronatest

Studies show a significant reduction of immune cells in the blood of patients with severe courses of COVID-19 disease.

The decrease in immune cells may provide an early indication of severe COVID-19 disease progression (see selected publications at the bottom of this page).

Determine your immune status now to respond in a timely manner in the event of SARS-CoV-2 infection.


T, B and Natural Killer (NK) cells are the central fighters of our immune system.
Together they are also called lymphocytes.

Lymphopenie bei COVID-19

In severe courses of COVID-19 disease, there is a significant reduction of T, B, and NK cells in the blood

Lymphopenie und COVID-19

Evidence of lymphocyte reduction ("lymphopenia") may indicate early deterioration of COVID-19 disease (see selected publications at the bottom of this page).

Measure your immune cells now!

For early evidence of severe COVID-19 progression.

Selected publications

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